Liquid Monomer | Acrylic System

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Our EMA monomer liquids are formulated to work perfectly with our sculpting acrylic powders, each providing a beautiful enhancement that lasts for weeks. All of the formulas are low odor with a light scent added providing a pleasant salon experience. Additionally, it has an added UV inhibitor and non-yellowing formula.

How to use:

1. Pour a little liquid into a glass.

2. We will wet the brush in it.

3. We introduce the brush in the powder so that a small ball of consistent product can form.

4. Then we will put the product on top of our nail.

5. We give it the desired shape little by little with the brush. Make sure there are no lumps left and that the surface is not uneven.

6. Once you have all the nails ready, you can file them to shape and polish the nail until it is completely uniform.

Approximately the drying time is usually 2 minutes, so do not take too long to apply it as you do not want it to dry before finishing.

Available in Different Sizes:

16 Oz

32 Oz