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Sometimes you need some nail inspiration that’s not holiday-related. Maybe you like to keep things simple, or maybe it’s just between seasons, and you’re not sure what kind of nails to get. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going over the best acrylic nails for any season or occasion. No matter your style, taste, or color preference, we’ve got a look that’s right for you!

Oval French

If there is one nail design you can always count on for everyday life, it’s a French mani. Always elegant and sophisticated, you can never go wrong with this look. The oval shape of the tips adds a modern twist to this look to keep you on-trend. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Nude Pink And White Marble

This nail design has such a beautiful contrast effect to it. Start with a nude pink layer and then choose an accent nail for the white marble. Add some sequins for even more pizazz.  

Style of nail this looks best on: Coffin.

Floral Paradise

If you’ve got a beachy vibe, then these nails are for you. Whether it’s summer or not, floral nails can make you feel like you’re at the beach. Start with a light sparkly pastel color for the base, and then add some tropical-looking flowers to whichever parts of the nails you want. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Black And White Crystal

Nothing is classier than black and white. These glamorous nails go with any outfit and help finish your entire look. Alternate the nails with black and white and then cover your accent nail of choice in crystals. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Coffin.

Rainbow Flair

This is another modern take on french tips with a neon twist. For the bold and daring, this look is great for expressing your individuality. You’ll want a nude base for these nails and then finish them off with all the colors in the rainbow for the tips. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Golden Foil

This design is sure to capture everyone’s eye. The golden flecks shimmer in the light during the day and the night. Cover your client’s nails in a transparent polish and white on one of them. Next, put the foil on in an upside-down “V” shape along your nail tips. This will add some texture to their nails that is definitely worthy of some attention. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Stiletto. 

Starry Eyed

This is a look that is both fabulous and simple. They fit into all seasons and never go out of style. A transparent coat covered with black stars is reminiscent of a beautiful painting. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Lavender And Matte White

What’s more calm and relaxing than a field of lavender? It’s a gorgeous color fit for people of all ages. Pick a light purple base coat, and then add a matte white accent nail of your choosing. Add gemstones if you’re feeling extra cute. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Nude And Blue Floral

An avant-garde design that has subtlety and flair is bright blue flowers atop nude nails—the perfect amount of perennial and royal. The energizing blue adds balance to the muted nude base layer. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Coffin.


Sunsets are breathtaking, so why not emulate that on your client’s nails? This is a multi-hued ombre manicure that’s super popular right now. Use a combination of pink, orange, and yellow for this design and blend them all together in a way that looks like a melted sky. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Silver Half-Moon

This is another black and white look, except with a silvery moon on each finger. Alternate your colors however you like, and add a small half-circle of sparkly silver near your cuticles. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

In Summary

Being able to express yourself through your nails is such a cool concept. It’s like jewelry that you can paint right on a part of your body. Whatever their style, your client can match their nails to it. Changing up the nails and trying new things is like being able to sample different personalities. So go ahead, pick your favorite from the list and get painting!

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