Varieties of nail colors to make you satiate

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With over 50 different colors of gel nail polish, it can be difficult to choose just a few to stock your nail salon. But this versatile polish is worth having plenty of options on hand because it far exceeds normal polishing.

Just be sure to remind your clients that standard polish remover probably won't have much of an effect, and removing polish can damage their natural nails, so DIY removal isn't really an option (no matter how many tutorials they watch). You should also tell them about the LED lamp or UV lamp that you will be using to complete the process, just so they know what's going on. Gel polish is also not the same as acrylic nails or nail polish, so make sure they know.

When choosing colors, you'll want to keep your clients in mind so that there is always something they want to wear for a mani-pedi. Choose nail colors that are popular with your clientele while providing a wide range of options for this long-lasting polish and include the basics that you will find in a nail kit. Read on for a complete list of gel polish colors that Briller Nail System offers.

Gel Polish - 003

Starting with Gel Polish BP-03, it’s a classic and quintessential candy red. It is a glossy finish and works well for anyone looking for a classic red manicure or pedicure. It can also be used in designs like Valentine’s day nails, cherries, and more. This is a signature color that needs to be in every technician’s arsenal. 

Gel Polish - 008

Gel Polish BP-08 is a hot pink shade. This is a color that every artist needs to have available, because almost any client could request it. It adds a pop of color to the nails without being too overwhelming. It can also be used for designs of hearts, flowers, and more, so get to practicing your best nail looks. 

Gel Polish - 001

Before flesh-toned neutrals, ballet pink nails were chosen as neutrals. Gel Polish BP-01 is a pink gel polish for ballet shoes. It can be used alone as a solid color or for the base coat of a classic French nail as it blends in very well with the cuticle. It also looks great on any nail shape, making it very versatile.

In Summary

Please note that this is just a sample of options; there are many more to choose from for a gel manicure. Briller Nail System offers a semi-permanent color that only requires one coat to get the benefit you're looking for, so your clients will love it from the moment they remove their nails from UV light. You can choose colors that appeal to you, or you can purchase one of our gel nail polish sets or starter kits for basic colors. Each polish provides long-lasting wear for up to 14 days and is easy to soak in when ready to change.


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